Book signing planned for local author

Nov 2, 2017

Credit Marilyn Wheeless

  If you’re into Alaska-inspired fiction, a book signing Saturday in Kenai might have a story for you.

Local author Marilyn Wheeless will be signing some of her work at the Double O Express at the Kenai Airport, including one of her latest, Dark Blue Deep, imagined in Kodiak.

“(It’s) sort of a murder mystery without the mystery. You know who died right off the bat, you just have to figure out whether they’re going to catch the bad guy and what happens to him. And everybody in town knows he did it, but there’s no real concrete tie. They know he was there and they know he had the ability to do it but did he do it? Because he’s a fine, upstanding citizen. That’s The Dark Blue Deep and that’s set in Kodiak.”

And she’s got a follow up to that one.

“The last one I wrote is called Living Lucy’s Lies and in it is the same cop that was in Kodiak. But it’s another mystery death, and you know right away who died, but is he really dead? And you have to ask how did that person get there and is that really the person they think it is and how do they tell? And this one starts in Fairbanks and ends in Sitka.”

The locations are all places where Wheeless has lived in the past. She says that makes it possible to add details that keep it feeling local. She’ll be on hand to sign books Saturday at 1:30 at the Kenai Airport.

And we also note that Wheeless is a member of the KDLL Board of Directors.