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Recent News:
Dr. David Wartinbee, a now-retired biology professor from Kenai Peninsula College was on the task force that helped develop the regulations back in 2011. He spoke with us about that process and why that setback policy is important.
The Kenai city council once again took up the pot talk at its meeting last night. Listen: “The state’s having a problem with the moving parts themselves. That’s why we’re sitting here doing a lot of this ourselves. But if we don’t do something and do it quickly, we’re going to wish that we had.” …
To date, it’s the third highest return in the last decade.

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In the first five minutes, Carli Lloyd scored two swift goals. Lauren Holiday brought the score up to 3, and then Lloyd scored from midfield for a hat trick. The team led 4-0 after just 15 minutes.
Greeks voted Sunday in a referendum that could decide whether the country stays in the eurozone. NPR's Chris Arnold talks about the decisive vote against an austerity package from European leaders.
The secretary of state, who has been in talks in Vienna for the past several days, says an agreement could be done "quickly" if Tehran is prepared to compromise.
Greek voters turned down a bailout offer from European leaders on Sunday. Both before and after the votes were counted, Greeks were divided over how the outcome would affect the country's future.
Ben Zimmer, language columnist at The Wall Street Journal, explains the origin of the phrase "it's all Greek to me" — and shares a few variants from other languages.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Mat Johnson discusses his book Loving Day. David Bianculli says cable comics keep news-makers honest. Rick Famuyiwa calls Dope a celebration of kids whose interests don't fit into pop-culture norms.
The new film illustrates the inner workings of an 11-year-old's mind. Her emotions — Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Joy — are the stars. Originally broadcast June 10, 2015.

Morning Edition

The Internet flipped out when Sealed Air announced a new type of bubble wrap. It'll be cheaper to store and ship — but less satisfying to pop. The company adds it will keep selling the old stuff.
Olivia, a gray parrot at a Japanese zoo, has correctly predicted the past six games for Japan. And today she picked Japan to win on Sunday.