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Recent News:
Batten the hatches, or at least keep an eye out for trees on power lines, as a windstorm continues throughout Southcentral Alaska.
Governor Bill Walker was in Kenai Wednesday. He spoke to a joint meeting of the Kenai and Soldotna Chambers of Commerce, making his pitch for the state of Alaska to be ready to take on a bigger share of the AK LNG Project. Listen: “A big piece of what I do is AK LNG,” Walker …
A land deal the Kenai Peninsula Borough has been working on for more than a year is still not settled, following a lengthy debate at the most recent borough assembly meeting.

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NPR first visited Schnell Drive in St. Bernard Parish ten years ago, to speak with the Bordelon family as they rebuilt their home after Katrina's destruction. Unlike many, they're still there today.
"It kind of broke the system," says Jake Fisher, director of the magazine's auto test division. Tesla's stock rose 8 percent Thursday.
Law enforcement agencies in North Dakota are now allowed to operate drones armed with "less than lethal" weapons.
Given two choices of attractive mates, female frogs pick the top vocalist. But add a third, inferior male to the mix, and females go for No. 2. The "decoy effect" shapes some human choices, too.
When you have a hit like "Call Me Maybe," there's no escaping the pressure to follow strong. Jepsen says the moody shimmer of her new LP, Emotion, emerged only after she'd written more than 200 songs.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

The comedian wrote and stars in Fish in the Dark, a play about rivalries and dysfunction when a family patriarch dies. Originally broadcast March 5, 2015.
Offutt's late father went from running a small insurance agency to writing more than 400 books, mostly pornography. Originally broadcast March 2, 2015.

Morning Edition

A penguin which apparently fell off of a truck led police on a wild, waddling chase. After finally apprehending the penguin, police took it to the station and prepared a meal of fish.
Joey Staufer, of Eagle, Colo., was driving his wife to the hospital but the baby wouldn't wait. He stopped at a highway off-ramp, and the chief delivered his daughter with directions from 911.