United Way Kicks Off Annual Fundraising Campaign

United Way of the Kenai Peninsula kicked off its annual campaign drive Tuesday. The organization is looking for $650,000 to support 27 different agencies across the Kenai.



Speaking to a joint meeting of the Kenai and Soldotna Chambers of Commerce, United Way’s new Executive Director Lisa Roberts made the case not just for her organization, but the many non-profits United Way helps to support here, asking for businesses and individuals to support this campaign, called ‘united we stand, united we give’

“What is it United Way does, you might ask, because it seems like we ask for your money every year. Well, we do need your money. We need your money to help these organizations stay afloat. Many of them will tell you the funds that they get from United Way help their agencies continue giving back to the community,” Roberts said.

“And we assist them in finding long-term solutions for our community’s problems. We promote cooperation among the organizations and educate the community regarding local needs. We develop and support volunteer efforts in the non-profit sector, and keep administrative and keep overhead and fundraising costs to a minimum.”

The goal this year is $650,00, and the first step toward that goal was taken by Kenai Peninsula College president Gary Turner. He also serves as United Way’s campaign chair for this year.

“This is our plea to you. Invest in your community. Invest in our children. Invest in our seniors. And invest in those who need a chance,” he said.

Turner jumpstarted the contributions by presenting a check to United Way for $1,000.

Roberts, though new to her role as Executive Director, has been active with the organization for years. She says they’re looking for specific and positive contributions to the community out of the organizations they support, and for organizations with a track record of success.

“How have they utilized those funds, what have they done with them? How do they plan to keep going in their organization. What if United Way goes away? How would you sustain yourself? Hopefully that never happens, but everything’s a possibility in today’s world,” Roberts said.

As part of the effort to raise that $650,000, United Way is selling raffle tickets for fifty dollars. That buys you a chance to win a week stay in Cabo San Lucas and $2,000 cash.

Check out more ways to support United Way and its partner agencies by visiting their Facebook page.