First chance of the year to toss your unwanted hazardous waste - anything radioactive, for example

Jan 12, 2018

It's been over two months since the Kenai Peninsula Borough has opened the landfill in Soldotna to hazardous waste disposal, but Saturday citizens will be free to bring in up to 55 gallons of household waste.

Commercial disposers are charged a fee, and have to register in advance, but if you're just an innocent bystander with a garage full of half-empty paint cans, used motor oil and fluorescent light bulbs, your trip to the dump is free.

Hazardous waste is anything combustible, corrosive, toxic or reactive. The list contains items such as anything in an aerosol spray can, antifreeze, batteries, old mercury thermometers and thermostats, pesticides, solvents, oxidizers, and acids or strong bases.

Waste not accepted during hazardous waste day is short, but include explosives - and that means ammunition, blasting caps and gunpowder; "reactants," such as sodium metals that will burn when mixed with water, and of course, anything radioactive.

There is a 55-gallon, or one oil drum, limit per residential household.

The Central Peninsula Landfill be open and accepting hazardous waste tomorrow (Jan. 13) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The hazardous waste program is active monthly from May through September, and every other month in the winter.

Homer had its hazardous waste day last week, and Seward will have its first of the year next week.