Board of Directors


The KDLL Board of Directors meets at 6 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month at the KDLL studios, located at 14896 Kenai Spur Highway, in the Economic Development District Building.

The finance committee meets at 5:30 pm preceding the BOD meeting.

Board of Directors:

President: Terry Bookey - e-mail: - Term: 2017-2020

Vice President: Gary Stroh - e-mail: - Term 2015-2018

Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Dimmick - e-mail: - Term 2016-2019


Marilyn Wheeless - e-mail: - Term 2015-2018

Vicki Fruichantie - e-mail: - Term 2015-2018

David Brighton - e-mail: - Term 2016-2019

Sally Cassan-Archuleta - e-mail: - Term 2016-2019

Bill Larned - e-mail: - Term 2017-2020

Contact the Board of Directors:

*Terms run from January to January or until a successor is named

Committee Assignments:

Finance Committee: Gary Stroh, Mike Dimmick, Terry Bookey

Community Advisory Board Liaison: Gary Stroh

Personnel Committee: Committee of the whole